Help Ukraine give Putin the FINGER.

Josh Robinson
2 min readMar 6, 2022


The Long Version

In August of 2014 an early NFT (we just called the tokens back then) platform called Counterparty was ported to Dogecoin to create Dogeparty. It let you create assets with unique names and even attach some artwork. Since it was on Dogecoin it was super cheap and just plain fun.

I had some Doge at the time so I made a bunch of mostly stupid tokens including FINGER. Dogeparty eventually fell by the wayside as things like Ethereum came along. But late 2021 it has seen a revival. The data was all on a blockchain after all so it stayed around. The servers running it have been dusted off and people like myself have found old wallets full of BACON tokens.

A few months before Dogeparty launched Russia annexed Crimia from Ukraine. I’m sure I saw it in the news, but at the time I had no idea what that had to do with anything. However in the years since then I have gotten to know the Ukrainian people well. For several years I worked with an amazing team of developers out of Ukraine and visited every couple months. The people I met there always impressed me and are still some of my closest friends.

Eight years later and Russia is back in Ukraine, this time they want all of it. But the Ukrainians aren’t making it easy. The world is seeing the same thing I saw in many of the Ukrainians I met. Strength.

Watching as bombs drop on beautiful cities full of beautiful people I feel helpless, as many of us do. I wish I could be there next to my friend to help as he tries to get his wife and young son to safety. I want to do more.

Among the tokens I recently dusted off I found the FINGER token I created in 2014. It was created before NFTs were a thing or Ethereum had even launched. Now maybe we can put it to use and help a people who when told give up their home at gunpoint respond “Go F*%k Yourself”.

I have added artwork to the original FINGER token and will be donating the entire supply (minus the 2025 that were given away in 2014) to help Ukraine. A dispenser has been added at D6PMCmYx8jtyC6XRotXn1BAQUYDVUC9iEW that will dispense 1 FINGER token for every 100 DOGE sent. All Doge will be donated to Ukraine. Once the war is over any remaining FINGER tokens will be destroyed.

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